We are often called the Fraternity of African Presidents, Kings and Princes, but we weren't the first  African-American Greek-Letter Fraternity to be founded... However, we are definitely the  Fraternity of Firsts...


  • First to have Presidents of other countries in its membership (Bros.  Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. Nnamdia Azikiwe, and William Tolbert )  
  • First Greek-letter Fraternity to be recognized by Howard University  April 15, 1914. (Omega Psi Phi wasn't until October 28, 1914)  
  • First to hold a joint International Convention with another  African-American Fraternity (Omega Psi Phi)  
  • First to be offered a chance to merge with another Fraternity (Kappa Alpha Psi)...Thanks, but no  thanks!!!  
  • First to establish a chapter South of the State of Virginia before the  year 1915. (This is why haters call us Country!)  
  • First and ONLY Black Greek Letter Fraternity to establish a  constitutional bond with a Sorority.  (Zeta Phi Beta)  
  • First to establish a youth auxiliary program. (Sigma Beta Club)  
  • First to own and operate a Credit Union for its members  .
  • First and ONLY Black Greek-Letter Fraternity to have one of its members  on the face of a U.S. Coin. (George Washington Carver: The 1951 Half Dollar) Only 2 African Americans have EVER  been on the face of a US coin: George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington--who was  not Greek.  
  • First to establish chapters in the Continent of Africa.
  • First to establish Graduate/Alumni Membership.
  • First to establish an Graduate/Alumni Chapter.
  • First to step with a cane.  (not the Kappas!!!) 
  • First to use the Dogmatic Image in our rituals. (not the Q's!!!)  
  • First to come with the idea for the NPHC. (National Pan-Hellenic Council)  
  • First to have a President of the United States as a member (William "Bill" Clinton - Honorary)
  • Lastly, many Fraternities may have supported the Million-Man March, but  only  PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY, INCORPORATED can lay claim to not only supporting, but also sponsoring the March in its International  Headquarters.   If you didn't you know!!!   Often IMITATED, but never DUPLICATED!